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Keeping a Holy Advent
12.02.19 | by Jonathan Totty

"Advent" is a word that means coming. In Christianity, Advent refers to the first season of the Christian year and to the coming of God into the world. Advent precedes Christmas, and is a time of preparation that anticipates the celebration of...

    Stewardship and the Spiritual Life
    10.14.19 | by Jonathan Totty

    How would you describe Christianity to someone completely unfamiliar with the concept? Presiding Bishop Michael Curry refers to Christianity as the Jesus Movement. Bishop Curry intends to convey that Christianity is not synonymous with the...

      What is the Apocrypha?
      08.24.17 | by Mtr. Catherine Thompson

      What is the Apocrypha? For those of you who are in the habit of saying Morning or Evening Prayer on a regular basis, I want to congratulate you on availing yourself of a very meaningful spiritual practice.  If, in the course of your...

        Doing Good for God's People
        07.19.17 | by Dorothy Blythe

        The Gad Abouts are having a busy and productive 2017.  Our last years annual Cookie Parade and Craft Fair was a great success and funds were raised to benefit our church community.   Monetary gifts so far have...