Doing Good for God's People

07.19.17 | by Dorothy Blythe

    The Gad Abouts are having a busy and productive 2017. 

    Our last years annual Cookie Parade and Craft Fair was a great success and funds were raised to benefit our church community. 

     Monetary gifts so far have included:

    • Vacation Bible School, $150
    • On The Brink, $150
    • Inside Out, $400
    • High School Trip, $500 
    • We have made several Memorial contributions
    • We have hosted 4 receptions so far this year
    • Donation of $400 made to Journey to Dream/Kyle's Place
    • We donated to the MES auction. 
    • We support our local Salvation Army with can goods, personal hygiene products, gently used clothing and household items.

     Our current project is Sole Hope in Uganda, East Africa.  This mission is to supply children with shoes.  We do the prep work by cutting denim in appropriate sizes and send these items to Uganda to be assembled into shoes.  This also creates jobs for people in those communities.  In the clinic, the children are taught proper foot health care.

    It is with great pleasure and anticipation that the Gads are preparing for our upcoming Fall Festival and Cookie Parade in October -- be on the look out! 

    Dorothy Blythe


    Editor's Note: The Gad Abouts are ladies of the congregation who gather once a week for fellowship and service to the community.  All women are welcome to attend.  They meet on Thursdays, starting at 10:30 a.m.