Vestry Members and Delegates Election

12.17.20 | by Mtr. Catherine Thompson

    The Episcopal Church of the Annunciation will hold its Annual Meeting on January 17, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. via Zoom.
    At this meeting, we will be electing three Vestry members and five Delegates to represent Annunciation at the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas on November 6, 2021. We thought you might like to get to know the candidates, and learn more about what it
    is they will be doing as they serve in these ministries.

    “The mission of the vestry is to be an example of faith community for all to see.” The Calling of Vestry as Servants of the People of God, p. 7
    Forward Movement Publications

    Why are we electing Vestry members?
    The vestry serves as legal representatives of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property and its care. Annunciation has nine Vestry members serving three-year terms, with three members elected each year, at our annual parish meeting. The presiding officer of the vestry is the rector. There are two wardens. The senior warden leads the parish between rectors and is a support person for the rector. The junior warden has responsibility for church property and buildings. The clerk takes minutes for every meeting. We also have a treasurer and an assistant Treasurer, both of whom serve on the Vestry with voice, but no vote. The basic responsibilities of the vestry are to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation; to support the church's mission by word and deed, to select the rector, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances.

    Who is running for Vestry?
    There are three people running for Vestry, and one person, June McIntire, who is filling a vacancy left by Margaret Martin, when she and her family moved to Ireland. We’ve included information on all four people so that you might get to know them better, and feel more comfortable approaching them with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Benny Dembrel - Vestry Member Delegate
    Member of Annunciation Since:  2018
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES: Annunciation Book Club and A/V Camera Operator
    What motivated you to run for Vestry?  When I was in high school, I worked at my church as a Sacristan and Night Secretary. I loved being a part of the "behind the scenes" group that made things work and the responsibility of helping keep our Parish running well. I am grateful for the opportunity to do the same on The Vestry at Annunciation. 
    What is your vision for Annunciation? My vision for Annunciation is to continue our mission to grow in love of God and neighbors. With God's help, I will lead by example in building and fostering relationships of faith and service to God. 

    June McIntire - Vestry Member Delegate
    Member of Annunciation Since:
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES: Lector Ministry - I have served as the Lector since 2014 and am also the current lead since 2015; Lay Eucharistic Minister since 2018; served as a Delegate at the 2020 Convention and I have also served as an Usher. 
    What motivated you to run for Vestry?  I have always had a passion to serve God and His church . This creates another avenue of opportunity to be a part of that and help our community grow. 
    What is your vision for Annunciation?  My vision for Annunciation is to assist in growing our church family and developing more opportunities for Fellowship. 

    J'Lane Taylor
    Member of Annunciation Since:
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES: 
    I currently usher at the 11:00 a.m. service and previously volunteered in the Children's Chapel. I served on the Vestry over 15 years ago and loved working with visitors and new members. I also served on the Parish Committee on Vocations (PCOV) a little over 4 years ago. 
    What motivated you to run for Vestry?  I think it is an honor but also a responsibility as a member of this fabulous church. Three people must be willing to do this every year. I know working with Mother Catherine, I will get out at least as much as I put in. 
    What is your vision for Annunciation?  My vision for Annunciation is to be an inclusive church that nurtures all people. I believe all Children's programs, including EYC, are vital to church growth. If children want to come to church, so will their parents. 

    Nancy Thorne
    Member of Annunciation Since:
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES: 
    Leader- Bible study on Exodus, Co-leader – Bible study on survey of Old and New Testament, Outreach – Salvation Army First Sunday - team member helping prepare and serve food, Parish Audit Committee – 2018, 2019 and 2020, OMGs – Program media coordinator, Church at a Distance – Packet delivery team, occasional church office volunteer
    What motivated you to run for Vestry?  I learned a lot about parish operations having served on the audit committee for three years. I wanted to continue to serve in the area of church operations and assist on a more regular basis.
    What is your vision for Annunciation? 
    What drew me to Annunciation was the beautiful liturgy and music; the sermons that reflected the readings and always left me feeling I had received a message I could incorporate into my life that week; the many and varied learning opportunities provided with adult education programs; the continuous opportunities for outreach into the nearby and more distant world, and the sense of solidarity, community, friendship and support from the parishioners and church leadership and staff. I would hope that all of these elements would continue and thrive. One thing I pray for is that we are able to draw in new members, and especially young families, single adults and couples and youth. They have the energy and the new ideas needed to keep us vibrant and carry us into the future.

    On the first Saturday of November each year, clergy and lay representatives of the congregations which make up the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas gather to hear reports, vote on proposed resolutions, elect representatives charged with administering the business of the Diocese in between conventions, and set the budget for the following year.  Because of the average number of people who attend on Sundays, Annunciation is entitled to five lay representatives to participate in the annual convention, along with our clergy.  Each delegate is required to attend a pre-Convention meeting to learn more about their role, to discuss any items upon which we will vote, and to meet candidates running for the various Diocesan positions.

    Who is running to serve as a Delegate in November of 2021?
    The following five individuals have agreed to represent Annunciation at our next Diocesan Convention, scheduled for November 6, 2021.

    Lucy Fisher
    Member of Annunciation Since:
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES:
    Altar Guild, MES Board Member, Navajo Ministry, and Sunday School Teacher
    What motivated you to run for Delegate? 
    I want to continue to serve my church in new roles. It is important to serve my church family and be dedicated to the true doctrine of the church.
    What is your vision for Annunciation?  
    As a delegate, we should follow scripture as written and not stray to fill needs. It is important for Annunciation to be a leader in the community. 

    Lorie Grant
    Member of Annunciation Since:
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES:
    What motivated you to run for Delegate?  
    What is your vision for Annunciation?  


    Member of Annunciation Since: 
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES:
    Vestry (multiple terms), Junior Warden, Altar Guild, Chair – MES Board, Lay Eucharistic Visitor, Usher, EYC leader, Austin Street, Lector, EYC Mission Trip adult leader, Stewardship Chair, Lay Eucharist Minister
    What motivated you to run for Delegate?  
    I would like to represent our (Annunciation’s) vision as followers of Christ in shaping the future of our diocese.
    What is your vision for Annunciation?  
    That we continue to be a light in the community, fostering love and helping those in need. That we be such a shining example of Christ’s commands to love all of our neighbors that  people are attracted to Christ and to the Episcopal Church in the Diocese.


    Member of Annunciation Since:
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES:  
    Sunday Church School, DOK, Lay Eucharistic Minister and Feeding at Salvation Army
    What motivated you to run for Delegate?  I am very interested in representing Annunciation on a Diocesan level.
    What is your vision for Annunciation?  My vision for Annunciation is to continue building our relationship in our immediate and surrounding communities.  To serve our neighbors and welcome them into our church family.

    Jon Wilson
    Member of Annunciation Since: 
    Ministries/Events Served at Annunciation/MES:
    Choir, Arts and Music Council, Bishop's Soup Dinner/Lecture, Chili Cook Off, Men's groups
    What motivated you to run for Delegate?  Pre-pandemic, I was at church three to four times per week for something or another and I became more and more interested in serving the congregation in a variety of capacities. 
    What is your vision for Annunciation?  To open us up for more and more community needs; not just our members but Lewisville in general.