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    What is the Apocrypha?
    08.24.17 | by Mtr. Catherine Thompson

    What is the Apocrypha? For those of you who are in the habit of saying Morning or Evening Prayer on a regular basis, I want to congratulate you on availing yourself of a very meaningful spiritual practice.  If, in the course of your...

      Doing Good for God's People
      07.19.17 | by Dorothy Blythe

      The Gad Abouts are having a busy and productive 2017.  Our last years annual Cookie Parade and Craft Fair was a great success and funds were raised to benefit our church community.   Monetary gifts so far have...

      Listening Prayer
      04.01.17 | by Jackie Doss

      Episcopal Church of the Annunciation welcomed nearly 150 members of the Daughters of the King from around the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas for their Spring Assembly on Saturday, April 1, 2017. At this event, singer and songwriter, Jackie Doss...

      Lessons and Carols 2016
      12.11.16 | by Gary Gordon

      If you missed the original, we offer this recording of Lessons and Carols from December 11, 2016. Under the direction of our Director of Music, Gary Gordon, our choir and invited guests helped our hearts to soar closer to God through the gift of...

        The Parable of the Good Samaritan
        07.13.16 | by Rev. D.J. Griffin

        The Rev. D. J. Griffin A Reflection on Luke 10:25-37 The manner in which the Summary of the Law shows up in the Gospel of Luke is interesting. Unlike in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, it does not come from the lips of Jesus, but rather from...

          What We Believe About the End of Life
          06.08.16 | by Mtr. Catherine Thompson

          What Should We Believe About the End of Life?   by The Rev'd. Catherine Thompson Over the course of my ministry, I have walked with many people and their family members as they neared the end of life. What has become clear to me is...

            A Walk Through Ordinary Time Year C
            06.08.16 | by Rev. Frank Fuller

            A Walk Through Ordinary Time - Year C by The Rev'd. Dr. Frank Fuller Ordinary Time, the season after Pentecost, is the longest in the church year, lasting from Trinity Sunday until Advent. Rather than meaning "common" or "mundane," Ordinary...